Winning Souls and Making Disciples 101

Do you long for the impact of your earthly life to reach into eternity? Do you want to be found a “good and faithful” servant over the ONE message that the Church was commissioned to make known to the ends of the world?

This is the Gospel.
Timeless, true, and carrying the power to transfer human souls from the domain of darkness into God’s eternal Kingdom of life and light…. and yet its message is found in so few believers’ mouths today.

One of the Kingdom’s greatest evangelists, Reinhard Bonnke famously cried aloud,
“An unpreached gospel is no gospel at all!” And the wisdom of God’s Spirit even now reaches through the pages of Proverbs, urging you to remember, “He who wins souls is wise!” (Proverbs 11:30). Do you desire to give your “Yes!” to this great call? To being the man or woman that Apostle Paul marks as Jesus Christ’s ambassador? 

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!” (Romans 10:15). 

Jesus is seeking friends - those who are unashamed of Him and His gospel. He has even given the Holy Spirit to us so that we can stand as “witnesses” - full of truth and power, offering His salvation to a drowning world around us. The gospel is a message worth laying down your entire life for.

Are you equipped to preach it?
Most Christians desire to fulfill the purposes of the Father, bring others to faith in Jesus, and live a life that the Great Cloud of Witnesses can cheer on; but in a modern church culture that is inundated with “new revelations,” entertainment, pop-theology, and growing biblical illiteracy…. we have strayed away from training believers to preach the simple gospel. We have majored in minor things. We have become lost in a swirl of information and overlooked the cornerstone message upon which all Christian preaching and teaching hangs. Especially in the West, the numbers of people converting to Christianity is sliced into nearly half with each passing generation. 

Now more than ever the world needs evangelists to rise up. It’s time to be equipped to win souls. And for those who have lost their once-hot evangelistic fervor, God wants to ignite you again. Jesus is asking you to become His voice to a lost world
– a preacher of the gospel.

In this course, you will learn
how God calls people to follow Him and become His disciples. Jesus will serve as your example of the Greatest Evangelist. You will study how He approaches the lost, reveals Himself, impacts hearts and saves souls at the same time. You’ll gain tools for communicating the Gospel, strategies in applying the Scriptures in evangelism, and how to harness the power in your own testimony to win others.

Join Ken Fish through this 5-week journey in Winning Souls and Making Disciples 101, and learn to preach the Gospel with clarity and power.

This course features special guest, Christopher Ledezma. He is TA within Orbis School of Ministry and a discipleship pastor in Columbus, Ohio. Christopher is the author of "The Mountain Call Disciple-Making Model" and has generously included this manual for free within the course!


Module 1: Coming to Jesus
  • The ways Jesus invites people to follow Him throughout the four Gospel accounts and how He still calls for new disciples today through His people
  • About the calling of Nathanael; we will examine three of his encounters with Jesus as a biblical case study that demonstrates how God wins the hearts and therefore, the lives of those He calls
  • The Truth encounter
  • The Power encounter
  • The Commitment encounter
Module 2: Stepping out in Evangelism
  • You will learn how to step out and “take the shot” in sharing the Gospel through personal evangelism
  • You will study the protocol Jesus uses to present Himself and the Gospel to the Woman at the Well in John 4, including how to:
  • Engage an unbeliever
  • Make the gospel known
  • When to violate social norms for the gospel’s sake
  • When to cross boundaries to heal others
Module 3: His Testimony is Now Yours
  • To recognize Jesus as “The True Light” as revealed in the Gospel of John, including:
  • How Jesus is prophetically and symbolically unveiled as the Messiah/ Christ through Jewish Feasts
  • How to identify lesser lights of deception (false gospels, false Christs)
  • What it means for YOU to be the light of the world
  • Your honor and responsibility to expand the knowledge of Jesus Christ to the world around you
Module 4: Sharing the Gospel
  • You’ll learn the ABCs of Salvation
  • How to communicate the Roman’s Road 
  • How to craft your personal testimony for witnessing to others
  • Ways to address the common objections that unbelievers have towards receiving the Gospel
  • How to match your Gospel message with a demonstration of Holy Spirit power (power evangelism)
  • How to avoid the common traps that hold evangelists back from being effective in ministry
Module 5: Demonstrating Power Evangelism
  • How different biblical scholars view the power of God and its continuation
  • The evidence of spiritual power in the early church
  • Traits of godly evangelism while operating in Kingdom power
  • Warnings of what can kill effective evangelism in your ministry

This is a five-week course, filled with teaching, true stories, practical applications, quizzes, prayers, impartation, and an online community for you to sharpen your ability to communicate the full gospel with unbelievers and lead them into transformative encounters with Jesus Christ.

This product has more than a $500 market value. But I am sharing with you for only $349.00.

  • This course at a discounted rate
  • Access to private online community
  • Lifetime access to the content

  • 5 full weeks (which you can take at your own leisure - fast or slow pace!)
  • 8+ hours of teaching
  • 30 videos of in-depth study
  • Impartation
  • Activations
  • Prayer
  • Quizzes
  • Practical Applications

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Take up your role within the Great Commission by winning the lost and empowering the saved. Enroll into Winning Souls and Making Disciples 101 today!

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  Module 1: Coming to Jesus
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  Module 2: Stepping Out in Evangelism
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  Module 3: His Testimony is Now Yours
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  Module 4: Sharing the Gospel
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  Module 5: Demonstrating Power Evangelism
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Hi, I'm Ken Fish

Throughout my life, I have worked with para-church ministries and in the church. In the 1980s I worked full-time for John Wimber for several years at Vineyard Ministries International (VMI). Since 2010, my ministry has taken me to over 40 countries on all six continents, working alongside churches of varying denominations and great diversity. My work includes vision-casting, teaching on leadership, equipping the saints in healing, prophecy and deliverance to further the advance of the Kingdom of God, and releasing fresh anointing in the midst of visitation. 

I have worked alongside of national leaders in many countries, led training events for the International Association of Healing Rooms in different parts of the US, and been interviewed on nationally-syndicated radio and television shows such as The Eric Metaxas Show and Premier Christianity.

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