The Apostle Paul invites us in his letter to the Corinthians to both desire to prophesy and to grow in our prophetic maturation. In a broken and hurting world it is vital for us to hear from the Lord and to be able to relay His thoughts and plans to the people around us.

We will study and dissect Scripture in search of what the Bible says about the function of prophecy. Looking at the Prophets and Apostles will help us grow in our Christian walk in the area of prophetic ministry.

In Prophesy with the Prophets 101 you will learn: 

  • How the gift of prophecy operated through both the Old and New Testament Scriptures
  • To discern the difference between "words from God" and "words from men"
  • About the role and function of Old Testament Prophets
  • How prophecy functioned through the New Testament Apostles and Prophets
  • The role that the gift of prophecy and Prophets hold today

In Prophesy with the Prophets 102 you will learn:

  • How to rightly test prophecy in the ways outlined by the Scriptures
  • Ken's personal wisdom and tools on judging prophetic words
  • To identify the attitudes, accuracy, and spirit behind a prophetic word
  • What to pay attention to when considering the content that a prophetic word carries
  • How to grow as a Prophet or prophetic voice and mature your ministry
  • The general guidelines for operating in all spiritual gifts
  • Action steps you can take for learning to prophesy
  • How to yield to God and move on the impulse of faith
  • The role of community in cultivating prophecy and prophets
  • What false prophets are and how to navigate prophecy gone wrong

In Prophesy with the Prophets 103 you will learn:

  • The way God's heart is revealed through prophetic ministry and His desire for all of His people to prophesy
  • That not all supernatural activity comes from the Lord through examining Scriptures that reveal God's intentions for the gifts of His Spirit
  • The "weed seeds" or human flaws that caused mistakes and blunders for the Biblical prophets - and how you can avoid making them
  • The different forms of prophetic words and how they should be delivered
  • The importance of growing in godly character and intimacy with the Lord; and how this increases prophetic power
  • A brief overview of interpretations related to dreams, colors, numbers, and symbols

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Hi, I'm Ken Fish.

Throughout my life, I have worked with para-church ministries and in the church. In the 1980s I worked full-time for John Wimber for several years at Vineyard Ministries International (VMI). Since 2010, my ministry has taken me to over 40 countries on all six continents, working alongside churches of varying denominations and great diversity. My work includes vision-casting, teaching on leadership, equipping the saints in healing, prophecy and deliverance to further the advance of the Kingdom of God, and releasing fresh anointing in the midst of visitation. 

I have worked alongside of national leaders in many countries, led training events for the International Association of Healing Rooms in different parts of the US, and been interviewed on nationally-syndicated radio and television shows such as The Eric Metaxas Show and Premier Christianity.